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House of Cards – A Farscape Novel

Noel When the crew agrees to take on a well-paying passenger who wants to return home, he leads them to Liantic, the gambling mesa of the uncharted territories, where hotels and casinos wrap the entire world, and where Rygel goes too far in a game of cards, betting and losing Moya. Netoros, the local leading […]

Dark Side of the Sun – A Farscape Novel

This tale opens on Crichton’s toothache. Not being a fan of dentics, he hasn’t been keeping up with his oral hygiene, and his face stings with pain every time he does anything but keep it still. And even then, it aches. So Zhaan gives him a stronger dentic. Which takes one nibble on his tooth, […]

Season 3 Overview – Space Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

There comes a time in every young man’s life… Nah, can’t keep going with a straight face. Kevin, Noel, Weston, and Tessa recorded the Farscape Season Three discussion. Right-click and save-as to enjoy! Season Three Overview

Season 2 Overview – Oh Say, Can You See

This season, we decided to try something new. Farscape Season Two discussion has been recorded as a podcast! Right-click and save-as to enjoy! Season Two Overview

Season 1 Overview – A Look Back

It’s been an interesting ride in the Uncharted Territories thus far, and Season One has ended on a fairly hard-hitting cliffhanger. We’ll be starting Season Two next week, but for now, let’s take a look back at our thoughts on the season as a whole.