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Episode [2.22] – “Die Me, Dichotomy”

Today, on Farscape… “I condemn you, John Crichton… to live. So that your thirst for unfulfilled vengeance… will consume you.” The robbery of the Shadow Depository having been completed, Moya heads to a renowned physician, where the money will be used to repair both Moya and Crichton’s brain. The neuro-chip has other ideas, however, and […]

Episode [2.21] – “Liars, Guns and Money Part III: Plan B”

Today, on Farscape… “What if Crichton’s worse, and won’t be rescued?” “Well, that’s easy. I put a bullet in Crichton’s head and end it.” With Jothee safe and Crichton taking his place, the rescue is still proceeding as planned – with the slight problem of how these mercenaries are all going to be paid. Fortunately, […]

Episode [2.20] – “Liars, Guns and Money Part II: With Friends Like These”

Today, on Farscape… “So finally the rift between us is not so great. You do what you gotta do. You win.” “As if there was ever any doubt.” In which the crew deals with the consequences of drawing Scorpius’ attention towards Ka Jothee, and formulates a plan to break into the Shadow Depository. Again.

Episode [2.19] – “Liars, Guns and Money Part I: A Not So Simple Plan”

Today, on Farscape… “Now, insert the rod! Insert the rod! Insert the rod! Insert it! Insert the rod, John!” “You’re really not my type, Scorpi – ” “Insert it!” Stark is back once again, with a plan to get the gang one step closer to freeing D’Argo’s son by pulling an insane bank heist on […]

Episode [2.18] – “A Clockwork Nebari”

Happy Birthday, Tessa! Today, on Farscape… “No, Pilot, I’m here to tell you that the Nebari are a bunch of geeks, and their damn mind-cleansing don’t work on Mama Crichton’s baby boy. John Crichton! Astronaut! Master of the Universe!” Chiana, Crichton, Rygel and Aeryn return from a trade depot, hoping to find word of D’Argo’s […]

Episode [2.17] – “The Ugly Truth”

Happy Birthday, Weston! Today, on Farscape… “Look, you guys gotta understand something. Everybody’s stories are gonna be a little different. Nobody sees things the exact same way.” “We do.” “What, ten Plakavoids see a fender bender and you get ten identical reports?” “Yes.” “Well the rest of the universe doesn’t work that way. There’s gonna […]

Episode [2.16] – “The Locket”

Today, on Farscape… “Put the rifle down, now! You touch my grandmother again and I will kill you!” In which Moya hides out in a sensor-distorting space cloud for a breather from the hunting Peacekeepers. Aeryn takes a pod to scout the interior of the cloud, is gone twenty four arns, and comes back significantly […]

Episode [2.15] – “Won’t Get Fooled Again”

Today, on Farscape… “So, what’s your pleasure, boss?” “I’m a doctor. Just relax.” “I can wear a Freudian slip.” “I’ll find new places to take your temperature.” “I can teach you the left-handed Latvian Rodeo Torture.” “All of you bitches out! Now! Crichton is mine!” Crichton wakes up in a hospital on Earth and is […]

Episode [2.14] – “Beware of Dog”

Today, on Farscape… “The human doesn’t want to talk.” When a stop for supplies brings a parasite on board Moya, D’Argo and Chiana pick up a creature to hunt it. But when the crew starts getting attacked, the hunter may become the hunted…

Episode [2.13] – “Look at the Princess Part III: The Maltese Crichton”

Today, on Farscape… “I know, it hurts. You want it to not hurt? Well, next time, hold on to the frelling wall!” Crichton’s time as a statue is interrupted when the Scarran, Cargn, cuts off his head. As everyone kermitflails around trying to figure out what happened, the Peacekeeper Spy recovers it, revives Crichton, and […]