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We’ve published!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve started collecting the Episode Rewatches by seasons and have started publishing them on the Kindle store. We’ve started with just Season One, but the next one should be out shortly! Season One: Through the Rabbit Hole is only $1.99 on the Kindle Store, and can be read on any Kindle-enabled devices, […]

We’re moving!

Server space has opened up on our parent project, Made of Fail, and there is no need to pay for two servers anymore. Which means that Deconstructing Moya will be moving to: If you’re subscribed to us through e-mail or an RSS reader of your choice, the feed will be updated automatically and will […]

Slight Lineup Changes

Unfortunately, Adam is currently without reliable internet, and will be on hiatus for an unspecified amount of time. Until his internet situation is resolved, Tessa will be joining us in his usual slot. She will continue her perspective as a brand-new Farscape fan. Welcome aboard, Tessa!

A Farscape Rewatch

When Farscape premiered in 1999, it captured the hearts of viewers across the world. It was the story of John Crichton, a scientist from Earth who was flung halfway across the galaxy into an interstellar conflict. His initial goal was to survive in this new environment in hopes of finding a way home. Its quirky […]

Coming Soon

Project: Talyn – or, in other words, Deconstructing Moya, is the future site of the Nevaha Productions1 Farscape Re-Watch Project. On this blog, you will soon find individualized accounts and discussion of the episodes of this great series from four humble fans. Want to follow along? Hit the “Subscribe to Feed” button in your browser, […]