Deconstructing Moya

A Farscape Re-watch Project


Noel’s take on Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

“Once upon a time, there was a boy named John, and John was an astronaut. He lived in a faraway place called Earth, which is so far away, you’ve never heard of it. “One day, when John was out doing astronaut things, a big blue wormhole gobbled him up and spat him out at the […]

Farscape: War Torn

Noel Oh look, it’s still not Peacekeeper Wars. Yeah, about that… So not only did we have every intention of doing a Peacekeeper Wars piece soon after finishing season 4, but we actually started to write it. We ran into some conflicts over how it should be laid out and put a pin in it, […]

House of Cards – A Farscape Novel

Noel When the crew agrees to take on a well-paying passenger who wants to return home, he leads them to Liantic, the gambling mesa of the uncharted territories, where hotels and casinos wrap the entire world, and where Rygel goes too far in a game of cards, betting and losing Moya. Netoros, the local leading […]

Dark Side of the Sun – A Farscape Novel

This tale opens on Crichton’s toothache. Not being a fan of dentics, he hasn’t been keeping up with his oral hygiene, and his face stings with pain every time he does anything but keep it still. And even then, it aches. So Zhaan gives him a stronger dentic. Which takes one nibble on his tooth, […]