Deconstructing Moya

A Farscape Re-watch Project


Episode [4.13] – “Terra Firma”

Happy Birthday, Noel! Today, on Farscape… “Hark! The hee rawld angles seen guh! Glowry to the nude bored keen guh!” “Nude…” “Peach on Erp and murkey mill ed, gode and signers reek n sill ed!” “Murkey… Sill ed…” Moya arrives at Earth, and John is faced with the decision of what to do from there. […]

Episode [4.12] – “Kansas”

Today, on Farscape… “Remember nothing.” “…except for Karen Shaw in the four-wheel drive.” In which Dorothy returns to Kansas, but accidentally kills Auntie Em in the process. Now she’s striving to right what once went wrong, and hoping that her next leap will be the leap home.

Episode [4.11] – “Unrealized Reality”

Today, on Farscape… “Time.” “…” “Time.” “Is up?” “Time.” “Flies.” “Time.” “Bandits.” “Time.” “Wounds all heels.” “Time?” “Rosemary and thyme.” “Time!” “Is up!“ While on a spacewalk to experience the opening of a wormhole up close, John is sucked into the vortex where he’s confronted by an interdimensional being who wants to kill him to […]

Episode [4.10] – “Coup By Clam”

Today, on Farscape… “Excuse me, ladies, can I have your attention? Does any of you have one of THESE under your skirt?” *rapid gunfire* “Yeah! Girl Power!” When a mechanic is found that can upgrade Moya to survive in Tormented Space, things are looking up – until an opportunistic doctor infects everyone with a fatal […]

Episode [4.09] – “A Prefect Murder”

Today, on Farscape… “I’m not sure I have the strength to miss next time.” “I think… I’m just a bad shot.” After Moya stops to rest over a feudalistic society, everyone gets caught up in clan warfare. But when a recent murder is linked to Our Heroes, things start taking a nasty turn…

Episode [4.08] – “I Shrink Therefore I Am”

Today, on Farscape… “You mean you could have got out any time you wanted?” “I never wanted to.” In which most of our heroes get captured offscreen and John McCrichton has to rescue them from Axikor Gruber.

Episode [4.07] – “John Quixote”

Today, on Farscape… “This elevator sucks. My job sucks- sucks- sucks. Day after day, the same- the same thing. Up. Down. Up. Down- Down. Just once- Just once, it’s be nice to go sideways. Just- Just sideways….. FROG PRINCES!“ John and Chiana get stuck in a virtual reality game while Scorpius causes a spot of […]

Episode [4.06] – “Natural Election”

Today, on Farscape… “John, I’m going to tell you something I’ve never actually put into words before. I love shooting things.” When observing a wormhole, Moya is caught by a ship-eating fungus that drifts through space. As it tears its way through the Leviathan, the crew tries to balance repairing the ship with repairing their […]

Episode [4.05] – “Promises”

Today, on Farscape… “Kyptonite? Silver bullet? Buffy? What’s it going to take to keep you in the grave?” Upon returning to Moya, Crichton and company are immediately greeted by Aeryn. Unfortunately, she’s extremely ill, getting worse, and is being hunted across the Unknown Regions. What’s worse is that she’s not alone…

Episode [4.04] – “Lava’s a Many Splendored Thing”

Happy American Thanksgiving, everyone! Today, on Farscape… “Alright, here’s the thing. I think that we ambush the escort, we hit him with a rock, and we take his belt.” “That is your plan? To hit him with a rock?! When they have these, like, shield things?!” In which our heroes find themselves with a case […]