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Category: Season 1

Episode [1.12] – “Rhapsody in Blue”

Today, on Farscape… “A little long for a Starburst, don’t you think?” “Hail, Prince of the Obvious.” A good night’s sleep is interrupted when Moya suddenly Starbursts to a hidden Delvian colony, where Zhaan’s aid is specifically requested by her people. Unfortunately, the Delvian priests aren’t telling the whole story…

Episode [1.11] – “Till the Blood Runs Clear”

Today, on Farscape… “You are selfish.” “Can be. What about you? Selfish?” “…sometimes.” “I ever come after you with a weapon?” While restocking Moya, solar flares attract John’s attention, and he takes his Moya-Upgraded module out for a spin. During his flight, he realizes that he can re-create the conditions that brought him here to […]

Episode [1.10] – “They’ve Got a Secret”

Today, on Farscape… “The suffering that you’ve managed to avoid with your science is unimaginable.”“Creatures still die out here, and we find new ways to suffer and make others suffer.”“I never said Earth had a monopoly on that.”“But you say you want to go back to this place, this Earth, a place that you tell […]

Episode [1.09] – “DNA Mad Scientist”

Today, on Farscape… “I was born a Peacekeeper soldier. I’ve always been one among many. Member of a division, a platoon, a unit, a team. I’ve never been on my own, John. Never been alone. Ever.” “When I find a way home – if I find a way home – I’ll take you with me.” […]

Episode [1.08] – “That Old Black Magic”

Today, on Farscape… “He’s not really here. He’s a hologram, right?” “I am here, Crichton.” “To talk.” “To kill you.” The crew lands on a commerce planet in search of remedy ingredients for Rygel’s nasty bout of flu, and John quickly falls victim to a malevolent and transcendent space wizard named Maldis. While the others […]

Episode [1.07] – “PK Tech Girl”

Today, on Farscape… “Thank you for stopping her killing me.” “I try to save a life a day. It usually winds up being my own…” Moya comes across an abandoned Peacekeeper Command Carrier and the crew starts to investigate, but Rygel wants nothing more than to leave the past to the past. Unfortunately, they’re not […]

Episode [1.06] – “Thank God It’s Friday. Again.”

Today, on Farscape… “What I had to do up there was like a field strategy exercise, only the enemy wasn’t trying to kill me, the enemy was a puzzle. There were lots of different pieces and independently, separately, they didn’t… they didn’t make any sense and I had to think it through really hard and […]

Episode [1.05] – “Back and Back and Back to the Future”

Today, on Farscape… “He says he is experiencing the future.” “The future? He can barely function in the present!” A distress beacon brings Moya and her crew to a ship, which is destroyed by a quantum singularity. Moya takes on the survivors, but a close encounter grants Crichton a temporal displacement. He discovers that their […]

Episode [1.04] – “Throne For a Loss”

Today, on Farscape… “So once I get it on, how do I get it to work?” “It just does.” “Right. Willpower, like the Green Lantern’s ring. Okay.” Moya needs to restock. There’s no food, no money, and very little patience around, which leads to our heroes heading for a planet to try to barter. Things […]

Episode [1.03] – “Exodus from Genesis”

Today, on Farscape… “Yeah, I’m getting the hang of a few things. Of course, when I do…” “Things change, and you find you’re more confused than you were before.” “Pretty much.” In the process of evading a Peacekeeper scout, Moya hides in a cloud of asteroid debris. Of course, the debris turns out to be […]