Deconstructing Moya

A Farscape Re-watch Project


Episode [4.03] – “What Was Lost Part II: Resurrection”

Today, on Farscape… “Hey, Pip. Go with Jool. See if you can get those probes re-activated.” “Right…. Hey, how do I do that?” “Slam ’em in the ground and kick ’em.” “Kick ’em. Right.” Crichton survives his cliff jump and he and the others go on to wrestle a gillman, witness the funeral of Scorpius, […]

Episode [4.02] – “What Was Lost Part I: Sacrifice”

Today, on Farscape… “Remember me?” “Oh, I remember a couple of things.” Crichton meets back with D’Argo, Jool, and Nana Peepers at an Interion archaeological digsite. The secrets of the galaxy are poised to unfold, but the Peacekeepers – led by Commandant Grayza – arrive to put a hitch in the operation.

Episode [4.01] – “Crichton Kicks”

Today, on Farscape… “Okay! Once upon a time I was happy here. A little on the lonely side, but that’s okay ’cause at least Winona only had to start cooking fires – you know, fire? Whoosh! Fire. Module’s outta fuel so it’s not goin’ anywhere. So, I’m workin’ like a mofo. And everything is fiiiiinally […]

Season 3 Overview – Space Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

There comes a time in every young man’s life… Nah, can’t keep going with a straight face. Kevin, Noel, Weston, and Tessa recorded the Farscape Season Three discussion. Right-click and save-as to enjoy! Season Three Overview

Episode [3.22] – “Dog with Two Bones”

Today, on Farscape… “You know what this means? It means we’re done. Talyn rests where he belongs. Scorpius has no ship. We’re all unhurt, healthy. And no one’s trying to kill us! It means finally we can go where we want! We can go home! I’m going home!” In which one final bit of business […]

Episode [3.21] – “Into the Lion’s Den Part II: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

Today, on Farscape… “Where are you, Crais?” “I am standing in your heart. And I am about to squeeze.” Dren gets real as the cat-and-mouse game of whether or not John will help Scorpius discover wormhole technology reaches an epic crescendo. Seriously, it’s epic. Just listen to that choir.

Episode [3.20] – “Into the Lion’s Den Part I: Lambs to the Slaughter”

Today, on Farscape… “And you must be the infamous John Crichton.” “Infamous? Two points, Commandant. One, your boy here has made a lot of promises which you should keep because Two, when my friends are threatened, I am infamous… for making really stupid moves. Yes?” Crichton’s plan comes to fruition when Scorpius grants him a […]

Episode [3.19] – “I-Yensch, You-Yensch”

Today, on Farscape… “Yes, Talyn. I promise you that I will do everything I can, and Crichton and Aeryn will as well. We are all here with you. You have not disappointed me. I don’t hold you responsible. Neither does Moya.” [*-*-*] “No, no; on the contrary, Talyn. You are very brave.” D’Argo and Rygel […]

Episode [3.18] – “Fractures”

Today, on Farscape… “This cable gonna hold?” “Of course it will. It’s iridium alloy, just like in the budong.” “Budong? What are you talking about?” “You r- uh. Just… follow my lead.” In which the Moya picks up a Leviathan transport pod carrying prisoners recently escaped from Peacekeeper custody, Talyn reunites with Moya, and someone […]

Episode [3.17] – “The Choice”

Today, on Farscape… “I returned from the dead. Why can’t he?” A mourning Aeryn runs off into a city built around the business of talking to the dead. The others follow when they discover her mother is still alive.