Deconstructing Moya

A Farscape Re-watch Project


Kevin O’Shea is an aspiring writer and shameless fanboy. He is the creator and co-host of the Made of Fail podcast. Current obsessions include Warcraft, 90s Bipolar Rock, and classic Space Operas. He’d love to talk more, but he parked his TARDIS on a meter.

Noel Thingvall is an aspiring writer and avid consumer with too much time on his hands. When not reviewing items for his blog Review Journal of an Obsessive Completist, his wildly varied interests are often distracted by just how much stuff this world pours out on a daily basis as he tries to keep up as best he can. Oh, and he has a beard, but it’s not as nice as Weston’s.

Adam Griffith is a dualspec gaming/animation geek with a penchant for lame puns. When not serving as a guest host on the podcast Made of Fail, he can usually be found yelling at his TV or computer monitor. Has a profound love for anything both giant and robotic, as well as almost anything ending in “-punk”.

Weston Abney is an avid gamer, pizza delivery guy, Mountain Dew addict, and general geek. He is a walking repository of World of Warcraft information, and can likely recommend a book or two. A resident of the state of Iowa, he can tell you when the corn should be knee-high. Loves commas.

Tessa Jerz is a self-described “gamer/anime chick” who makes occasional guest host appearances on Made of Fail.  She also runs a weekly live “Let’s Play” show called 1PStart where she showcases some of her favorite games.


Deconstructing Moya will be updated with a new episode every Friday, starting July 9th, 2010. Each post will primarily focus on the episode reviewed, and while mentions may be made to the future, spoilers for events beyond the current episode will be kept to a minimum.

There will be spoilers for the related episode, of course; if you are watching the series along with us for the first time, we recommend watching the episode first, then reading the review.

Farscape is available where all major DVDs are sold, both in season boxsets and Complete Series Compilations.

The authors of Deconstructing Moya are not involved with the creation, production or distribution of Farscape in any way, shape or form. We’re simply a group of fans who enjoy sharing our favorite series with the world.

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